Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fabric beach balls

I made these fabric beach balls for my friend Ange's baby shower last weekend. I thought that a nice handmade gift would be a bit special and you also know that your gift will be unique if you make it yourself. I am by no means a great sewer and these were really easy to make and the result was great. These remind me of the kind of thing that my gran would have made for her friends and for us when we were little, really traditional.
Affordable gifts that are made with your hands, from your heart- can't go wrong. 

Instead of re-writing a tutorial, visit Purlbee and use theirs, because it is great and really easy to follow.
I am sure that any little person will get loads of hours of fun with these little gems- I filled mine with washable cotton filling and pre-washed all the fabric so the balls can be put in the washing machine after messy play (which is the best kind)!

Enjoy xx

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