Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Akaroa Cooking School

We recently went to The Akaroa Cooking School as a pre hen's party girls day out- it was an awesome day and I would reccommend to anyone that it is well worth the visit.
We went for the "gourmet in a day" class with Lou Bentley, the menu was filled with fresh produce, simple but tasty ideas and all of them are recipes I will be trying at home.
The bride to be makes some roasted apple and lemon pastries, which we now all expect if we drop in for a cup of tea with her...
No knead ciabatta- one of the definite gems of the day

Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote and glass cookie- sheet gelatine is the key to this one.

Ant Bentley slices some Akaroa Salmon- some of the finest fish in the world. Due to the fresh and fast flowing waters of the Akaroa area these fish are antibiotic free and stronger (which means leaner) than most fish available. And it tastes so good...
Smoking the salmon was easy and in 15 minutes you have a fantastic healthy tea that will impress any dinner guest

Pick a smoker with handles so that it can be easily lifted onto the flame
Ant had recently purchased this fantastic wine barrel converted into a smoker/cooker- the farmer should make/buy me one of these immediately!!

bit jelous of the pizza oven too...
Freshly smoked salmon
Hot smoked Akaroa salmon on a medley of green vegetables with preserved lemon and a horseradish & chive creme fraiche

Lou plates up the starter
Spicy corn fritters with cold smoked salmon and lemon and fennel mayonnaise
Plenty of flour under the no knead ciabatta or it will stick

Lou makes this look easy
Staz didn't make it look so easy, but made a very impressive loaf
A little dusting of flour on top makes the bread look authentic
Pan seared Lamb rump on kumura puree, beetroot relish, green beans and basil and garlic mayo

The bread comes out of the oven and smells devine- knock and if it sounds hollow it is ready!
Courgette, tarragon and parmesan soup- so good for a vege that is usually pretty ordinary but grows like a weed!

I wish you could blog taste...
A little drizzel of really good quality olive oil finished the soup with a lovely nutty flavour
The only time they were all quiet...
Peep through the window to see a hair style we thought Marilyn (mother of the bride) might want to consider for the wedding.....
Preserved lemons were a delightful surprise in this dish

Pan seared Lamb rump on kumura puree, beetroot relish, green beans and basil and garlic mayo

What a way to finish the day- yummo!
Thank you to lou and the team at the Akaroa Cooking School, we had a fantastic day!
Check out their website or on facebook

Go there- you will enjoy xx

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