Sunday, 19 January 2014

Thick sweet homemade mint sauce

This is a really rich thick mint sauce, it is quite sweet, so you may want to use white sugar instead or less of it, but this is how Gran used to make it and it is so good with roast or stirred into shanks gravy.
Gran used to have three small milk bottles (think they must have been 250mls/ 1/2 pints) that this fitted into, would make a cute gift if you could find/buy some mini milk bottles (you see them in gift stores with screw on lids sometimes). If you have heaps of mint or more mouths to feed, simply double the recipe.


  • 500mls of malt vinegar
  • 400g of brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup mint leaves chopped finely

Bring the sugar and vinegar to the boil, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar. Simmer gently for 5to 10 minutes, it will reduce slightly (keep an eye on it so you don't end up with vinegar toffee!) then cool till just warm. Add mint, stir well, then bottle into sterilised bottles.

Enjoy xx


  1. Thank you for posting this recipe. I made this mint sauce today, and we served it tonight at a dinner party. It was very well received, and my wife said it is the best that she's ever had. Best wishes.... Stephen Coote, Todd Valley, Nelson, NZ.

  2. hi, can ths be kept unrefrigerated and if so for how long.

  3. Living in the USA I can't find any of our good old mint sauce. They have mint jelly, but it is not the same. I am so glad I came across this recipe. I made enough to fill 3 jars and have only just run out. Bought mint again today to make my next batch. This is exactly as I remember from home. Thanks so much for the recipe. It is a winner. I not only have it on my lamb and roast vegetables but I also use it as a salad dressing. Delicious.

  4. What is the shelf lifè both in and out of cold storage.

  5. The sauce I've made using this recipe can keep well for months in the fridge. And I imagine that it should keep well in a cool, dark place in your kitchen as well. With all the sugar and vinegar any micro-organisms would have a difficult time trying to breed and feed. Best wishes from Nelson, New Zealand.