Friday, 17 April 2015

The best day ever!

On Friday the 13th (yes black Friday) of February, the farmer and I got off the farm for the weekend and had ourselves a wedding! It was amazing, to be surrounded by our closest family and friends for a weekend of fun, love and laughter (lots of laughter). A special thanks must go to our amazing wedding party that worked tirelessly to make it all come together and that really are incredible people xxx and to everyone that was a part of our day, the experience was incredibly humbling and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts
All the boys had their own handkerchief for the day

the shoes in teal

the farmer and his main men

Our lovely and talented aunty Karen did our flowers

Our cute and cheeky nephew Angus

Tekapo is stunning

The Mt John woolshed really came together and everyone fitted! 30 more than ever before...

The farmer's mother made the cake and his very clever sister iced it

Each placemat had our guests name, some puzzles and a special message to them, a nice way to thank them all
the weather was very kind

one of the farmers projects was to make these letters- he did an amazing job xx

The hangover only lasts a day, the memories last a lifetime

When a farmer gets married, you need plenty of meat!

Ribeye rolls, so darn good

A special thanks to the chef xxx Kelvin is not only a great friend he is also one very talented chef!

Each table had a ploughman's board to start

"girl food" as described by the farmer

100 dozen beers, 4 cases of white, 4 cases of red, 40L pimms, 40L punch, 4 cases of bubbles and some fizz....

a quick change into cowboy boots ready for the dancing!!

dessert was tasting plates, 160 slices of cake and not one left!

and into the night the party went....

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