Thursday, 5 January 2012

A spoonful of Country

I was given a recipe book many years ago by my sister who was a the time living in Melbourne, inside the front cover was lovingly written To my dearest sis, this can be your cooking bible when you're a Tarras farmers wife! The book was titled "A spoonful of country" and to this day I use that book often, although I am not a Tarras Farmers wife, I do live in rural Canterbury and our country kitchen is always the centre of activity in our house. The inspiration for this blog (and who knows maybe one day a book) is all of those country kitchens out there that I have had the pleasure visiting, to eat, drink cups of tea and/or pinot noir, cook in, cry, laugh and gossip in, shoo the dogs, chickens, kids and cat from, that have history, heart and personality. But most of all this is inspired by the wonderful people that cook in those kitchens, the ones that have been kind enough to share their recipes and knowledge, that taught me that baking soda takes the sticky stuff left by labels on jars off, the ones that poured the wine, and that have shared so much more than a meal with me. The idea of this blog is to share some of that magic with all of you.  There are a few laughs, some handy tips and of course some darn good food to be had, so enjoy
Thank you also to the ladies that produced this book, it really is a great recipe book for anyone that wants to feed a house full or a group of hungry farmers!

xx A

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