Thursday, 29 March 2012

Join the Jelly revolution!

I don't care that I live in the country and that the style of these fabulous little shoes will be lost on most, because I HAVE to own them (don't tell the farmer)!

Wendy and Holly jelly shoes are a fantastic way of re-living a piece of your childhood. Admittedly they are a bit different to the last pair of jellies I had at age 4; pink with sparkles! Now though they make them aiming to provide stylish comfort and a bit of fun! I'm thinking that I could crank these from the boat to the bar too, so comfy and hose-able! They are only available in selected shoes stores, a full list of stockists and more styles are available online at
Might need these ones too!!

Have these ones, which was the beginning of the love affair....

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