Friday, 16 March 2012

Make your empties go another round

Wooden swappa crates are pretty easy to find, ask your local pub if they have any spare
A crate way (I crack myself up!) of storing your books is to build these cool beer crate shelves. I haven't attached them to anything, all I did was water blast the rough bits off them (coarse sandpaper would do the same job) and painted them the same colour as our walls. Success!! Apart from a bit of paint, these are free bookshelves. If you can't find the beer crates that have no bottles in them, you will just have to buy them full of beer..... not a bad outcome really. These are a funky addition to a student flat or to a house like ours that can't really decide on just one style. You can stack them in any way and move them easily.
They also make me feel like I am still young enough to have beer paraphernalia, but mature enough to disguise it as furniture!!

I think that I might add another row to this one to make it a bit higher

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