Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Introducing Dougal Dog (and Mack)

Dougal Dog likes catching leaves.
Dougal and mack have entered our lives and begun to chew on everything! Mack is a Huntaway work dog that the farmer assures me will be out with the work dogs in a motel kennel soon. Dougal is a Little Border Terrier with a big personality. He does a funny little scuttle that makes him look rather like a Guinea pig at the moment. I am soaking him up because unfortunately they don't stay puppies for long. Having two puppies is very full on, particularly when you want to complete simple tasks like put on socks without the other being stolen and chewed on.
Dougal is a cheeky little guy and I am sure he is going to be lots of fun to have in the family. I am not so attached to Mack. Mainly as a self preservation thing because I know he is going to be the Farmer's work dog and not a pet. I certainly don't want to confuse him about what his role on the farm is by treating him like a pet, and the farmer doesn't want a dog that is more interested in cuddles than deer! And lets not lie- he is a bit stinky and a bit boisterous for me anyway!

How can you not fall in love with them tho??

Watch this space for the adventures of Dougal Dog. I am thinking that he is going to be quite the character.......

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