Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Tin Kitchen Gluten Free Walnut Bread

Derek making bread at the Tin Kitchen
Regardless of whether you are Celiac or not, a lot of people have decided to go gluten free (blame google is suppose), most don't actually need  to take gluten out of their diet but claim that they feel a lot better for doing so. In a lot of cases it is probably because they are reducing the amount of carbohydrates they eat (most of us eat WAY too many carbs).
Anyway if you are going to go gluten free, then one of the problems you strike is that most gluten free bread resembles a small windowless building- it's heavy, dry and not that tasty. Derek at the Tin Kitchen has developed a range of gluten free bread mixes that are none of these things, they are in fact light, moist and very tasty. I am not gluten free but I still love this bread and I think you will too. You can buy this mix online at  or at the Geraldine Orchard and farm shop and I suggest you do!

  • 500gm (I use half of the bag) walnut gluten free bread mix
  • 520mls warm water
For each 500gm of bread mix, add 520mls of warm water and mix well together. Half fill a bread tin with the mixture. Leave to rise until it has risen to the top of the tin. Bake at 220 Degree Celsius (standard bake) for 35 minutes on the lowest shelf of the oven.

Pull out of the oven, slice off a piece, lather with butter and enjoy!!

  • Visit Derek at the Tin Kitchen in the Geraldine Orchard Shop next time you are in Geraldine.

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